FRIDAY                       NOVEMBER 14 , 2014                      11:00 A.M 

Directions:  Sale to held at Jack Wood's Sale Barn, located 2 mi. north of Cincinnatus, NY, just off of Route 26.  Watch for auction signs.
  (15) Registered Cows out of 19,000 lb. herd.  Fresh cows milking up to 100 lbs.(5) Due for November & December.  Cows milking in their 70's safe with calf.  Nice 1st & 2nd"s in this group.  Sires:  Drake, July, Reese, Matson, Forbidden, Jeves & McCormick.  Closed herd, cows go outside every day.  SCC-69,000.Several other top cows, (3) Registered, (3) Due for November some milking in the 80's.
(10) Head from overstocked farmer.  Nice 1st & 2nd's in this group, with a few Black Crosses.  Cows are in good condition and go outside every day.  Low SCC. Over (50) Heifer's, (14) Short bred heifers running with the bull.  (10) Breeding age, the rest are NB to yearling's.  There are several Lineback's, (3) Registered Brown Swiss, and (3) Young Jersey's in this group.  A lot of good heifers in this group. 
Service Bull's:
  (1) Holstein, breeding age, sired by Atwood, Dam: Debonair, scored 91.  (1) Black Angus, and a young Lineback service bull.
Misc.:  Mountain Ridge Cattle Trailer, 16 ft. bumper pull. NI Corn picker, 1 row.          (5) Square, Poly Calf Hutches.  Other misc. items.  Cattle being consigned daily.

Manager's Note:
  Have some good, heavy milkers, with good, honest cow's due for November & December.  A good group of open heifers, Holstein's & Crosses


Sale Managed by:
Gene Wood's Auction Service, Inc.
& Dave Unger, LLC
Cincinnatus, NY  13040  Tel: 607-863-3821