DAVE & HEIDI BURT  (50) Head Dairy West Eaton, NY
Estate of Jerry Bajema, Whitney Point, NY  (75) AI Heifers

FRIDAY                   DECEMBER 30, 2016                11:00 A.M.

Directions:  Sale to held at Jack Wood's Sale Barn, located 2 mi. north of Cincinnatus, NY, just off of Route 26.  Watch for auction signs.
(50) Head Dairy.  Many of these cows are recently fresh in November & December, with cattle due every month.  Cattle look good.  Used to baleage. Milked in tie stall. These cattle are used to going outside, and haven't been pushed.  Cattle show dairy, with good udders, nice 1st & 2nds in this herd.  Cattle have been vaccinated.  Dave & Heidi have accepted jobs off of the farm.
(74) Heifers consigned from the estate of Jerry Bajema, Whitney Point, NY.
  (3) Heifers strictly fresh, (6) Bred heifers, (20) Breeding age or close, (20) Head 400-600 lbs. (25) from NB to 300 lbs. Heifers from years of AI breeding, will have sires. Home raised.
All shots given in November.  All Holsteins, (2) are R&W.  A nice group of heifers. 
Also consigned, (10) Heifers, from short bred to springing, with some fresh by sale day. 
Several other open heifers from NB to breeding age.  Most are Holsteins. 
  NH 306 Side slinger spreader, tandem axle.  14.9-24 Double ring Chains.16.9-30 double ring chains.  More cattle are being consigned daily. 

Come Join Us For This Holiday Sale.

Sale Managed by:
Gene Wood's Auction Service, Inc.

Cincinnatus, NY  13040  Tel: 607-863-3821
 Dave Unger, LLC